Maui no ka oi, Maui is the Best!  

Whatever you thought you wanted to do it is probably  possible on Maui. From outdoor adventures, fine dining, wonderful shopping, golfing, tennis, walking the beaches and enjoying the sunsets.  No need to spend fortunes as the natural beauty of Maui is FREE and the Aloha and Hawaiiana of Hawaii seldom is found in any other part of the world.  Come once and you will return.

Family Fun

One of the things that makes me smile when on Maui is the family laughter and family fun.  Kids love the warm water, playing in the waves or exploring the tide pools.  Many older kids and parents alike take up surfing, boogie boarding, stand up paddling and kayaking.  On the ground there is zip lining, hiking, walking, tennis, golf, skateboarding, etc.  Of course if you have a bookshelf of books that you have been wanting to read Maui is the place to kick back, sit on the chaise lounge and delve into that book that you never have time to read at home.

Mind, Body and Soul

Maui has a huge alternative health venue that is available along with some awesome spas. Inspiring aromatherapy spas offering extraordinary massage and body care for health, beauty and relaxation. From the west side to the south you are only minutes away from a wonderful experience.  Type the specific search into your computer and pages of suggestions with rates and locations will appear.  

Don't miss taking in a production at the Maui Cultural Center (MACC) in Kahului as the productions are varied and fun.  Women, take a sweater as the A/C is always on. 


For dining you can enjoy "plate lunch" from a food truck down towards Big Beach in Makena, fish tacos and enjoy tapa plates at Happy Hour at many of Maui's finest restaurants.  There are several free newspapers published weekly that give a line up of all the restaurants and entertainment. The information is for the current week so you know where all the action is.  

Barbecuing at one of our homes is the best but if you like going out to dinner read the guest books at each of our homes for suggestions from recent guests.  These are current and very unbiased.

Natural Sites

Maui has some of the most stunning natural scenery and beauty in the world. From the extinct volcano Hale Akela ... 
An adventure of a lifetime awaits you!